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whisper the password - pick a secret wartime role - unravel your character's identity - enjoy some hard won beverages

Break into our secret bar and from £17.50 enjoy free a drink delivered as part of your immersive experience, and if successful, some more by Swashbuckling Sabrage [opening prosecco with a sword] after participation in numerous immersive adventures focused around our three wartime narratives: Homosexuals, Women and Colonial Soldiers.

Share a password with our agent to break into our 1940s Military Bar and choose your secret wartime role. Then delve into our underground bunker and uncover your character’s identity whilst unravelling the history of some of the most fantastic, unsung heroes of WW2 over a free drink. Do well and we’ll treat you to sabrage from our Prosecco Bar, fail to reach the mark and you’ll still be peeling spuds as our agents jump into France…

Pick between real, diversity-focused characters from history and uncover your individual story through the night. All served with distinction during the war and will be revealed to you, clue by clue, whilst navigating our underground storytelling maze by our troop of immersive actors.

They’ll test your teamwork, engage you in intimate, one on one performances and run you through a series of puzzles to see if you possess the skills and nerve to deliver 1940s Europe from the dark grip of occupation.

PartyGeek will ask you a question? Your answer will dictate the individual narrative you will be thrown into; you'll feel, explore and live it.  Conquer escape rooms, search for clues and loose yourself in intimate performances; all whilst wrapped in our immersive, evolving world.

Multiple start times

Join us throughout March before we move underground again

@COLAB Facory

[the only London venue specialising in immersive adventures]