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Hidden Figures

A few details about our current adventure.


Hidden figures: ww2

A few details about the fantastic adventure we have planned...

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Drinks delivered as part of your experience, an Officers' Mess Bar and swashbuckling sabrage – just some of the fun our mixologists have boiled up.   All bartenders are based on real characters from the past; all drinks are the start of a story wrestled from a hidden history.

We will ask you a question?

Depending on your answer, you will be given a different role and narrative to navigate through our underground, storytelling maze. We're not going to give the game away. But you'll find a sample of what you can expect below...

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Meet three spectacular spies based on real figures from WW2 - just don't expect to sit as a spectator during their scenes...

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dr's orders

'"You can't take yourself or your health too seriously in this life - no one seems to make it out alive anyway"

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secret bar

Rendezvous your contact and whisper the password to be whisked inside our super secret Bar and be hosted by its Officers'.