Our mixologists have boiled you up a HISTORY TREAT!

explore our THEMED BAR and inspired drinks menu taken directly from our dive into the past.

(super geeks - see study notes below [->] ) .


Dutch Courage – Choice of Gin, Pink Sicilian Lemonade, Lemon garnish

Frieda Belinfante and Willem Arondeus were Dutch resistance fighters who destroyed the public records used by the Nazis to trace Jewish heritage. Both were artists, and close friends who lived openly as homosexuals before the war.  Willem’s final message before execution was that, ‘Homosexuals are not cowards’. Raise a glass to their refusal to hide who they were, or ignore the plight of the oppressed. 

-> Freida and Willem [STUDY NOTE]


Piccadilly Commandos was slang for describing wartime London women; renowned as frivolous, strong and dangerously EMPOWERED by the new freedoms on offer.  The official drink of the Royal Marine Commandos, courtesy of the CRAFT BREWERS at Cotleigh

-> Piccadilly commandos [STUDY NOTE]

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 23.27.01.png

Krystyna Mule – Polish Krupnik, Ginger Beer, Lime & Crystallised Ginger garnish

Russian Vodka can’t represent our Polish hero, so we’ve thrown a spirit she’d have recognised into this classic (Polish soldiers used Krupni as a disinfectant in their field hospitals).  Churchill’s favourite spy hit the bottle almost as hard as him, so drink up.

-> Krystyna Skarkbek [STUDY NOTE]


Maxwell Milkshake – Spanish 43, Milk, Cinnamon & Nutmeg garnish

A nod to M’s undercover work in the British Fascist Party during the 1930’s, and the brave men and women who fought in the Spanish Civil War against the rising threat of the far right.  43 with milk is still the unofficial drink of the Spanish Marines, (and more importantly) we’re also pretty sure you won’t have tasted this little delight.

-> Maxwell Knight [STUDY NOTE]

PG HndF-M_(Judi_Dench)_Profile.png

PG HndF-Alan Turings Apple.jpg

Forbidden Fruit – Choice of Gin, Fever Tree Tonics, Apple garnish

Following his conviction for homosexuality, Dr Turing OBE FRS ended his life by eating a poisoned apple. The bite in the Apple logo was rumoured to represent this sad loss, and acknowledge his unmatched contribution to building the first computer.

-> Alan Turing's Apple [STUDY NOTE]


Any bottle purchased can be opened by our SABRAGE expert on request, please be aware that the bottle must be specially chilled for a minimum of 20 minutes prior to this. (No backstory/study note to this one, we just think it’s the bomb…)