Breaking the Whitewash - One Story at a Time.

Personalised narratives for each attendee, unique food and drinks menus fashioned from our dive back into history; all tied together by our interactive staff - indulge your imagination and enlighten your intellect.


Starting as a diverse group of professionals sharing a passion for the past and a penchant for playing in the present, PartyGeek has built a nomadic brand through experimentation and audacity. From Tandeming Battles and Axe Throwing (not in unison), to interactive Escape Rooms and ‘Food Maze’ foraging, our events have evolved in line with our themes. However, our mandate will always be a dedication to accurately resurrecting history through legitimate characters and their stories; crafting bespoke narratives which are individually experienced by each guest is at the heart of what we do.

Knowing that the party is the most important part of any geek's night, we aim to educate whilst entertaining. Our goal is to feed you history through our unique food and drink inventions, whilst grabbing your attention with our array of professional entertainers and individual, tailored stories. Having fired your curiosity, we then release you into our immersive, hand-crafted challenges.